Hot volcanic stone massage

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For whom?

For people needing to let go of their worries and to anchor themselves with the earth.

Hot volcanic stone massage - Aux Mains Sages

Alexandra and her team of qualified masseuses are looking forward to welcoming you.

This soothing massage, invented by the American Indians, relaxes you in depth.

The hot stones of volcanic origin, smooth and soft, massage you and are applied to the body.

They radiate their warmth to your body while the oil massage regenerates you, reduces stress, relieves muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation.


At the institute: 75 minutes 150 fr.

 Gift vouchers available

Possible place of massage (Hot volcanic stone massage only available at the institute in Val d'Illiez)

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Aux Mains Sages offers
only one location for your
hot volcanic stone massage


 Aux Mains Sages
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